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Common Questions about Photo Albums

We are often asked, “How do I stick my photos in?” Well, the answer is there are lot of different ways to do it. In particular, there are three that we suggest and it is really down to you which to decide which suits:

  1. Spray mount. This is a very quick way of sticking them in, you will need an area in your house which you can lay some newspaper down to stop any mess.
  2. Roller tape. You can either buy a branded tape such as ‘pritt’ or simply use any double-sided tape. This is a quick and fuss-free option.
  3. Photo corners. Although this is a fiddly way to do it you are able to take your photos in and out of the album in the future.


Why don’t our albums have interleaving anymore?

It is a common misconception that photo albums need interleaving to stop the photos sticking together. Whilst this used to be true, the way photos are printed now means this won’t happen. We also use acid free pages in our photo albums so that nothing will stick together.


How many photos can I fit in my album?

Please head to the photo layout page at the bottom of our website for a guide to the various quantities of photos that fit into each album as determine by their size


We hope you love the process of filling in your albums, we know it is time consuming but it is also very therapeutic… The greatest joy comes from the knowledge that your memories will be stored in a beautiful home for generations to come.

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