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The Perfect Photo Album for Every Occasion

Since our establishment some 30 years ago, Noble Macmillan has become associated with fine leather goods, and perhaps predominantly our long-standing best-selling collection of photo albums. Nowadays it is oh so easy to take photos and capture those special moments we never want to forget. However, more often than not, regardless of the social media we upload them to, we lose track of these photos. It is for this reason that we highly recommend beginning to document these memories in photo albums so they can last for friends, family and future generations to enjoy flicking through together.

Understandably, compiling a selection of photos from any period in your life can seem like a daunting task. To counteract this feeling, we suggest that you look back to particularly cherished moments in your life and start there… After all, our collection has the perfect photo album for every occasion, whether you plan to keep it for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one.


The album for the occasion:

Wedding photo albums

From our experience, the best photo albums for wedding pictures are larger albums. Your wedding day is amongst one of the most special and hopefully most memorable days in your life – it deserves to be well documented in a substantially sized photo book… This will also allow you to show off your beautiful day extensively to all who ask. For weddings, one of the top photo album present ideas we recommend is to ask all those who attended to send in their best photos. This way the book is bound to be filled with the very best depictions of all the happy memories. 

On our website, we have a page dedicated to our luxury wedding albums. Here you will find a selection of photo albums appropriate for any wedding celebration. For those who appreciate the ‘white wedding’ aesthetic, our Ivory Large Landscape Leather Card Photo Album, or alternatively as an alternative to leather, our selection of white linen albums, are a perfect, timeless choice to celebrate the happy couple. Naturally, as with most of our products, our albums can be engraved which is the ideal place to mark the book with the name of the couple and the wedding date.


The Family Album

Over the years our photo albums have found their homes in family houses throughout the UK and internationally. We believe and encourage that every family should store their cherished memories in an album - particularly in the knowledge that precious childhood can pass in the blink of an eye. It is important that we keep these small passing moments to look back on when they might easily be forgotten. 

To serve this purpose, to store the adorable moments and funny photos bound to haunt us all in our later lives, we suggest using our more traditional albums, the Original Collection. The classic gold tooling and range of colours will fit any home for years to come, and look beautiful when lined up next to each other over the years.

Anyone looking for photo album present ideas, the Original Collection is a great place to start. Whether someone you love is recently married, starting a family, or embarking upon any new chapter in their life, they will be sure to find great use with any of them.


The big holiday

When we are lucky enough to go on holiday we want to remember it forever. Sometimes, we know when on this holiday, or perhaps after, we reflect that it may be the holiday of a lifetime. In order to remember these sorts of trips, naturally, we recommend you get photo albuming! 

For ‘The Big Holiday’ we think our Chelsea Leather Landscape Photo Album or Chelsea Leather Square photo albums are perfect. These albums are large enough to store every photo from the holiday, from silly little moments that may only mean something to those who joined you, to the beautiful views you never want to forget. The range of fun, vibrant colours are also great to match the tone of the holiday, and symbolic of it’s stand-out contents.


Weekend trip

A wonderful way to remember small but none-the-less special weekends or short trips is with one of our smaller albums. Our mini square albums and mini landscape albums are available in both our Jubilee and our Chelsea collections, giving you many colour and style options to choose one most suitable for your trip. 

These smaller albums make a great coffee table book for all your friends and family to have a browse. 



The day we, or a person we love, graduates is a special day that needs commemorating. It is one day that represents the end of a chapter summarising years of both hard work and more often than not fun memories with friends. So, when looking for graduation photo album ideas, look no further because we have plenty of options to record the high and lows that brought this special day about. 

A graduation is a unique day in that it comprises work and reward for that work in one memory. For this reason, we believe that a scrapbook might be the most suitable album to record these memories. Our scrapbooks are bound with a particularly strong spine allowing weightier objects to be stuck in without potentially damaging the book. Therefore by using a scrapbook, when creating the album you can include all the little memorabilia - academic or not - in this one place. 


Lockdown album

The year spanning between 2020 and 2021 has been one that most of us will never forget because of the impact of the pandemic. It is easy therefore to lose track of what happened to each of us over this period and how our lives for the time being changed. By creating a Lockdown photo album, you can look back at the small positives that came out of a daunting and uncertain time, whether it was more time with family or finally starting hobbies you had previously never had time to.


As someone who has recently completed such an album, I recommend the Jubilee Portrait photo album. It was the perfect size for all the photos perfectly summarising the year, and in doing so was a wonderful exercise of reflection. 

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