UK workshop

Here at Noble Macmillan we have two workshops in the UK, where all of our Albums, Journals & Social Books are produced.

We are proud to produce in Britain and are careful to maintain the traditional techniques used to hand bind, stitch and finish each item. On average, an album will use between 2-7 man hours, from cutting the leather to hand tooling the 24 carat gold leaf onto the classic Thickcard Album.

These techniques have been handed down through the generations and we will hold true to our promise, that British manufacturing is not only a part of our heritage but a part of our future.

Spanish workshop

We use a Spanish workshop based in Andalusia who produce our small leather accessories.

With years of experience, the team focus on the details. The thread count per pouch, turned corners or wax edge finishing are the finer qualities of our small leather accessories range.

We use a mixture of materials and hardware that are all worked by hand. This level of detail is what sets us apart from the competition.


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