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How to wear a cross body bag

In the 21st century we have seen many 20th century fashion trends revivals – both good and bad. More recently, we have witnessed this with the ever-increasing popularity of the 90s-esque Cross Body Bag. The versatility of these bags we are seeing everywhere, from street wear to evening wear, begs the question, why are they so popular?  Well, since the launch of our very own ultra-cool, super-versatile and trending Cross Body Bags last year we have seen them fly off the shelves and we know exactly why… While we believe these gorgeous bags do speak for themselves on this matter, this article covering how to wear a cross body bag will encompass exactly what is a cross body bag, how a cross body bag should fit, trending cross body bags and what kind of bag you should get. All of which will show and explain exactly what all the fuss is about.

What is a cross body bag?

A cross body bag is a bag with a long strap which is long enough to hang from one shoulder across the body to where the main part of the bag sits which is generally on the hip. These bags can come in a range of sizes too. For example, larger cross body bags might be used as weekend or luggage bags such as hold-alls and tote bags. Meanwhile, smaller cross body bags tend to be used as either handbags or useful easy-access purses. The Cross Body Bags sold at Noble Macmillan fit into the latter description. They are small bags made to fit the essentials and hang comfortably from your shoulder.

Trending Cross Body Bags

As previously mentioned, Cross Body Bags really are everywhere in all modes of fashion. The Noble Macmillan Cross Body Bag is predominantly a day bag. As a casual bag perfect for on the go, we believe that you are making an extremely worth while investment with these bags because you can use them every day… I say this speaking from experience! Moreover, our bags have been spotted being worn and loved by many celebs and influencers acclaimed for their good taste including Louise Boyce (@mamastillgotit), Gabby Logan, and Kirsty Gallacher. See our Instagram page @noblemacmillan to see more Noble Macmillan lovers wearing and/or using our gorgeous products.

Which bag?

Now that our small collection of cross body bags has 5 different colourways each created with varying style in mind, we like to think that we have created a cross body bag for every individual. When choosing a bag that suits your style, the first thing to consider is your wardrobe. Your current wardrobe will help with whether you opt for a subtle colour or one a bit bolder. The aim is that you want the bag you choose to complement the outfits you wear in your day-to-day life. If you have a bright, statement piece packed wardrobe we would generally recommend one of our more muted colour combinations such as the Navy and Lilac Cross Body Bag, or our new Khaki Green colour combination. On the other hand, if your wardrobe is slightly more on the muted, tonal end of the colour spectrum, opting for one of the more vibrantly coloured bags might just complete your wardrobe. Adding a brightly coloured statement piece like our Emerald Green Cross Body bag or our Pink & Orange Cross Body bag can bring a new lease of life to all your outfits. Not only does it jazz up and make an outfit more interesting but while the bag catches people’s eyes, it then causes people to pay attention to any other more subtle details of your outfit.

How to wear a cross body bag

Finally, we come to the crux of the article – how to a wear your cross body bag once you have purchased it. Of course, the easy explanation is as stated in the previous description of what is a cross body bag – a bag that hangs across your body from one shoulder down to where the main part of the bag sits (which is typically on the hip). However, when using the same bag in your day-to-day life changing the bags position depending on the activity can more practical and equally stylish.

Generally speaking, we recommend that you position the bag so it hangs at your waist level at the front of your body. This way the bag is visible to get the attention it deserves while also being practical as you can open it to get to its contents easily. Nonetheless, when needs be sliding the main part of the bag to the back of your hip will keep it out of the way if out for a stroll or simply rushing from A to B.

In terms of how to wear a cross body bag in terms of the overall ‘look’ and what best to wear it with, we have a few more tips. Firstly, due to the shape and way these bags hang on the body, they look great when wearing baggier clothes because the bag will accentuate your figure. Secondly, for a cool and utterly sheik look, matching your bag with one major part of your clothing – such as your trousers or top – will give the appearance of a fabulous and effortless outfit.  Lastly, you can shake up how you wear your bag entirely by switching the straps with another of our wonderful detachable straps (pictured below). To achieve a balanced look, we suggest pairing patterns with plain. For instance, if your outfit is already made up of many patterns opt for a plain bag and strap and vice versa. Jazz up a plain outfit even further by mixing up the tassel colour attached to your bag or adding a fun keyring – all of which can be found on our website.

New bags coming soon!

There is little doubt in me that if you love our cross body bags as much as we do you will be very excited for the upcoming launch of a brand new product… or two, or three, or four?! Yes, we are indeed releasing another selection of bags! Sneak peek pictured below.

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