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A Noble Macmillan Guide to De-stressing

Regardless of your current stage in life, whether it be in education, employed, or perhaps retired, this year has been a rollercoaster of change and emotions. However, the accompanying feelings of uncertainty and general sense of unease needn’t be something we go on struggling with. For this reason, we bring you a short and simple compilation of some of the best ways we at Noble Macmillan have learnt how to de-stress this year.

While most of us are still working from home, it can be very hard to detach from a hard day’s work and relax into our leisure time. Our failsafe recommendation to aid this relaxation process is to create a calming environment in which to switch off by simply lighting one of our heavenly scented candles. Available in three varieties (pictured below); refreshing and revitalising Geranium, Eucalyptus and Orange Blossom, spicy and fresh Lime and Black Pepper, and last but not least, the seductive Patchouli and Ylang Ylang.

In addition to this, we suggest you introduce journaling into your routine as a method of de-stressing. Our journals can be lined or plain-paged, making them perfect for happy doodling, quick note taking or even keeping a comforting journal during these uncertain times. Moreover, the range of journal sizes make them ideal for some on-the-move jotting, or to be neatly stored away by your bedside ready to rid yourself of a crowded head before sleeping.

Our final recommendation of how to de-stress takes us a slightly different route, bring us to our brilliant range of luxury games. Sometimes the best way of relaxing is distraction, and what better way to distract oneself than having some fun with family and/or friends? After a day of being serious at work, or getting down listening to the news, a game is an excellent way to let loose. So, please have a browse of our game selection on our website, including the likes of backgammon, bridge, indoor boules, racing demon and much more – we have something for everyone!

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