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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Writing More Handwritten Letters

Thanks to technology, there are many quick and easy ways for us to communicate with one another. Email, text, phone call, maybe even via social media.

All of these we use almost every day, but what about a simple handwritten letter? Because of the the business of modern life, we have become so used to doing things by the fastest means possible – so much so that we often forget to sit back and enjoy the process. As a result, we propose to you in this article the reasons that ought to encourage you to start writing more handwritten letters.

1. The power of a handwritten letter is irreplaceable

Choosing to write a handwritten letter over all the alternative mediums of communication in this day and age is much more personal and thereby more meaningful.

Taking the time to write a letter automatically indicates that effort has gone into getting in touch with you to say whatever it is that needs to be said. There is an implication that careful thought and consideration has gone into this choice of communication and, in particular, its content.

In the wake of the pandemic and separation of close ones across the nation, a handwritten letter has never been so special and closely regarded. Dig out your finest fountain pen and dust off your correspondence cards and send a handwritten note to that special or particularly thoughtful person in your life.

2. They are personal and unique

There are some specific occasions where it is more appropriate to write a handwritten letter rather than 

call, text or email someone. In the case of a bereavement, a correspondence card with a subtle design can deliver the most sentimental condolence message to the receiver.

One tradition that has passed the test of time is a handwritten love letter. Receiving and sending a love letter may feel like a distant childhood memory, but it doesn’t have to stay there.

Handwritten love letters will never go out of style, so reach out to your partner or subject of affection with a special note today.

3. Letters last!

One of the reasons why a letter is so special is because it is something tangible that can be held onto forever. However the receiver feels that very moment of discovering the letter can then be relived each time he/ she revisits it.

It becomes an ongoing memory to enjoy. The words written in the letter become something that can be treasured for years, read again and again. The letters become a sort of documentation, a record showing a moment in history.

In fact, many museums do have displays of letters written many years ago which give a fascinating insight into life then. For example, there is a touching display of the letter written by passengers on the Titanic to their loved ones elsewhere in the Titanic Museum, Belfast.

Although we have all been extremely grateful for our instant methods of communication throughout the pandemic, it must be said that the content of these methods will not give us something so touching in its tangibility for future generations to understand.

4. Keeping up the tradition

Another reason why handwritten letters are better is simply because of the tradition it upholds. There is something warming and wholesome about continuing a practice that has gone on for centuries.

The journey a letter goes through – from putting pen to paper, to travelling, to the moment it is opened and read makes the experience all the more rich, almost regardless of the content.

This more traditional means of communicating, away from all of the smart screens and computers, is also a medium that is better understood and cherished more by older friends and relatives – a cherry on top of something that requires so little to do.

This idea that writing a letter requires little to do, - is yet another reason why we should all write them more often – it’s easy. In the grand scheme of things, sitting down and putting pen to paper is no great task particularly while we continue to value the notion of of handwritten letters.

Moreover, it is not an expensive task either – in particular when compared to the expense of all the snazzy technology needed to for our other modern forms of communication.

5. It’s beneficial to all those involved

There is a great deal of personal benefits to the writer as well, not only is it great handwriting practice (which we all need these days!) but it can be a great way gaining insight into our own lives for ones future self.

Writing letters is fantastic way of practicing mindfulness and self-reflection.

The action of giving and receiving is beneficial to the improvement of our general wellbeing. The action of writing is both expressive and therapeutic. Taking the time to sit and think carefully about what you wish to say can provide relief from our thoughts and help clear up some space in our mind.

It also promotes creativity should you wish to be more explorative with what you put in your letter, such as by using coloured pens, drawings or doodles perhaps. Equally, Taking the time to sit down and write – an activity which is rhythmically and soothingly repetitive – creates a sense of calmness in a way which also relieves anxiety.

This process of slowing down and carefully considering what to write, in particular when writing about ourselves, is a wonderful method of self-reflection. It forces us to think about our jobs, relationships, the way in which we are spending our time;much more so than when we text or email.

Studies have shown that handwriting is good for our long-term memory and therefore has a measurable positive effect on your perceived mental wellbeing. 


Clearly there are many benefits to be had by handwriting letters. These benefits are simply enhanced in the knowledge of how special you might make the recipient of your letter feel (no selfless good deed and all that!). It can also be a joy to take care in your choice of writing parchment.

 Our gorgeous selection of Correspondence Cards made by our partners at Gee Brothers are high quality and come a variety of styles to suit any taste or occasion – truly a delight to receive through the letter box!



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