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How to Style Your Bedside Table


The bedroom is a sacred space in any home. It is a place in which we need to create a calming environment where we can truly relax at the end of the day, as well as an unique space where we can express our personality.

For these reasons, it is important that we take care when arranging each and every space and corner of our bedrooms. In particular, bedside table styling – often the last area we look at each evening before we go to sleep. There are a few key things to keep in mind when thinking how to style a bedside table, let us walk you through some inspiring styling ideas.

Take time to texturize

Firstly, we must keep in mind the style of the bedside table itself. The colour and texture of the table should play a vital role when it comes to bedside table styling . A decision must be made on how best to contrast and/or complement the table in order to achieve the best visual impact.

In terms of colour, generally placing an array of lighter, or more neutral tones against a dark table will prove the best way to highlight the table’s unique design. A lighter-coloured table will give way to bolder colour choices.

For those inclined to go for the bolder option, our Noble Macmillan valet trays are just as wonderfully stylish and fun as they are useful. Made to hold all your bits and pieces safely in one place, they are a great solution to decluttering your bedside and thereby prevents covering up the design of the table’s surface.

Follow the rule of three  

When it comes to  bedside table styling there is an art to striking the right balance of heights amongst your items. As a general rule of thumb among interior designers,  stick to the rule of three. Choose just three items of varying heights, i.e. low, medium, and taller, to display.

Following this rule prevents the space from becoming overcrowded which can appear messy and cluttered.  Besides, you need to leave space to place your cup morning cup of tea or coffee!

The tall item

The taller item is often a lamp, an item that is essential in the bedroom and a great way of giving the room a sense of symmetry when mirrored on each side of the bed. When choosing a lamp, or whichever ‘tall’ item you go for, the best height can be determined by the headboard. It should be equal to or just shorter than your headboard when bedside table styling to make it blend with your furniture.

Anything taller becomes over-powering to the balance you are working to create, overall becoming an intrusive feature in the room.

The one in the middle

There are many cool and sleek options to choose to fill the ‘middle’ height. Personally, I love an indoor plant. While of course a plant is pretty and one can choose any plant to suit your room’s aesthetic, it also has the bonus of helping keep your room fresh.

Equally, a photo frame fills this space beautifully and is a great way of making you smile before bed at whichever memory you choose to fill it with. Stocked in a variety of sizes and colours to accommodate your bedside table styling technique, a landscape leather photo frame is a simple way to make a statement. Personalise your frame for an added sentimental touch.  .

Last but not least

For the final element in this rule of three – fantastic for all of the reasons mentioned before, a trinket box for your heirlooms. A leather accessory doesn’t need to be large to look great.

Your small item has no boundaries, anything from a pocket journal to a small leather match box will subtly transform your space.  

Make it personal  

As well as creating an environment that is harmonious in style and therefore aesthetically relaxing, your bedside table is a personal space where we can keep the things that are just for you – in one place. Your diary or journal is in its safest place by you bedside table.

Where space is an issue on smaller stands, we recommend that you use you book our journal as a prop on which the other items can sit.

This can be an excellent way to play around with any of the heights when they don’t look as planned. Naturally, we believe there to be no greater quality or better-looking than our own collection of journals to adorn your bedside table.

Illuminate the room    

It can be over looked that candles can play a role in bedside table styling.  Pick a luxury candle with a charming design and illuminate your room with its striking smell. A personalised candle will add character to your bedside table styling outcome.

We have three heavenly scents to choose from in our candle range, each in different coloured containers able to be personalised. The refreshing and revitalising blend of Eucalyptus, Geranium and Orange blossom is the ideal choice to end your day with happy thoughts and a feeling of well-being. Our Lime and Black Pepper scented candle is both zesty and warming, and a fantastic mood enhancer regardless of whether it is needed.

Lastly, the ever-popular patchouli and ylang ylang is seductive and relaxing – a perfect mix to help you unwind. We personalise them with a leather letter of your choice which makes an effortlessly cool and quirky decorative addition to the bedside table aesthetic.

A  delicate match box such as this bespoke triangle design will complement the space and prevent over-crowding when bedside table styling.

Use tradition as a styling tool

Perhaps following the year we’ve had with limited mobility away from our homes, we are more aware than ever of how the little things in our lives impact our overall sense of well being and happiness. It for this reason that we recommend taking a real interest in how to style a bedside table and the incredible satisfaction of having a gorgeous and tidy space to wake up to.

Classic items that have been a staple on our bedside tables for centuries are timeless interior options for bedside table styling. Our correspondence cards, acquisition of the leading luxury printers Gee Brothers, mix business with pleasure as a stylish reminder to keep in touch with those you love.  


The bedside table is an excellent and perhaps the most practical place to keep your journal. As mentioned in Journaling for your Mental Health, journaling has a wealth of benefits for your mental wellbeing including, reducing levels of stress and anxiety, improving short- and long-term memory, and has even been linked to improving your immune function.

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