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Games for to Save a Rainy Day

Last week’s blast of sunshine and warmth, although fleeting, was wonderful and much needed – an opportunity to reinvigorate oneself and build excitement for the summer to come. However before this splendid outdid summer (hopefully), I dramatic change in temperature looks as if we should be preparing for some rainy days ahead.  And, what better indoor activities are there to overcome soggy gloom outside than a good old-fashioned game?

While we at Noble Macmillan have many games - there is nothing like a good session of Racing Demon. While you needn’t be a competitive sort to enjoy it, the speedy pace of the game can definitely bring out this characteristic of those that are!  Here at NM we offer beautifully designed and packaged cards (for 4 or 6 players)  aimed specifically - but of course - not exclusively for racing demon.  


Not sold on racing demon but love a card game? How about  an age-old game played in pairs requiring strategic thinking and patience?! We are of course suggesting Bridge - played with one of our delightful luxury Bridge sets.

Moving on from cards, you only have to look at our website to see that Noble Macmillan has plenty of other games to offer, for example the increasingly popular and soon-to-be household classic, ‘Perudo’. As with bridge, it requires both strategy and concentration, with an added element of deception. A good poker face is a real asset in this game, making it a wonderful opportunity to really challenge the family and/or friends you play with!

And of our many other games, I’ll conclude by recommending Pick-Up Sticks!  While a steady hand is essential for that oh-so-tense moment of stick removal, this is the only real element of concentration needed. As such, it is the perfect game to wind-down and be silly with the members of your household of all ages...

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