XL Perudo Set
XL Perudo Set
XL Perudo Set
XL Perudo Set

XL Perudo Set

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This is our new Extra Large Perudo set perfect for the big family and friends competition! This luxury version of the classic Perudo game will make an extremely stylish addition to any games evening. Each of the 8 dice cups are bound in distinctly-coloured calfskin leather with fun-coloured dice to match. Wow your family and/or friends further with the option to personalise the lid with a special name or date. 

Perudo rules:

  1. To find out who goes first, each player should throw one dice, and the highest number rolled, plays first.
  2. Each player simultaneously shakes the cup and then upends it onto the table using it to conceal ones dice from other players, whilst looking at your own so only you can see.
  3. Having looked at your dice the first player makes a call based on how many dice of a certain number there may be under all the cups. The player should make a guess based on how many dice of a certain number there may be under all the cups.
  4. The first player announces a bid, and then the next player has the choice of doubting it, by saying Perudo* or raising the bid, either by the number of dice or by the value of the dice. (or by doing both) For example, if player 1 bid three twos, then player two could bid three threes, four twos, four fours, or even ten sixes.
  5. *if Perudo is called, all players must reveal their dice. If the bid was indeed to high, the previous player loses a dice, however if the bid is lower than the number of bided dice amongst the table, the player who called perudo must turn in one dice. After Perudo is called, a new round begins.
  6. This continues until players eventually lose all their dice. The last player left with at least one die wins the game.
Dimensions: 1 cup without lid: H 8 ½ cm  x W 7 cm (H 3.2 x W 2.8 inches)

1 cup with lid: H 9 cm x W 8cm (H 3.5 x W 3.1 inches)

All 8 cups in stack with lid: H 40 ½ cm x W 8cm (H 16 x W 3.2 inches)

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