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Glamour Magazine Gift Guide
This week our 2020 diaries are featured in Glamour Magazine 

Is there *anything* more satisfying in the world than a gift with your name on? We'd argue absolutely not.

It could be a £12,000 tote bag or a stark white loo brush, if it's embossed with our initials then we're into it. And, what with the wealth of personalisable pieces available right now, it doesn't look like we're the only ones.
There's something about receiving a gift with a personal touch - be it literally emblazoned with your name or more subtly with a charm or extra detail that reminded the giver of you - that elevates it to another level. It suggests thought, creativity and - something we all lack when Christmas shopping.
Christmas Gift Ideas:If you're looking at Christmas gifts right now, in early November, then congratulations; you're already that one step ahead of the rest of us.
Whether you're looking for a monogrammed phone case, an initial-emblazoned diary or a star-sign studded earring, this is the guide for you..

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