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Grey Yu Yu Long Hot Water Bottle

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A show stopping gift of luxury and warmth, our cashmere YuYu collection provides you with an experience of heat therapy mixed with the indulgence of the finest kind.
Each cover is made with grade A Inner Mongolian cashmere, renowned for having the softest cashmere in the world, the covers are decorated with delicately placed mother of pearl buttons.
Watch the glistening of the delicate Japanese gold infused sanwa tissue paper as it is unwrapped in a show stopping YuYu Classic long giftbox.
The YuYu Bottle is made from the finest grade A Sri Lankan natural rubber.
-Measuring 81cm, the YuYu is the world’s first and original long hot water bottle, the YuYu can be filled with less than a kettle of water and stays blissfully warm for up to 4-6 hours.
- Includes YuYu rubber hot water bottle and YuYu Classic long gift box.
- Please note- The Cashmere collection does not include the extendable strap feature due to its delicate material. 
- Materials:10% Cashmere, Merino Wool Blend
- Kensington Knit