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Dodgy Dogs Card Game


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For all dog lovers, we are introducing, Dodgy Dogs - a card game illustrated by Jean Jullien. Beautifully designed, fun to play, all about badly behaved dogs.
Much like 'Uno,' the aim of the game is to get rid of your cards first. Of course, there are some special cards too, that spice things up a little bit. There’s the Dog Whisperer. He allows you to choose any Dodgy Dog behaviour your like, as long as you whisper. The Wild Card makes the dogs go... well, wild. And everybody has to swap all their cards with the player next to them. There are pick up cards. And all sorts of others too.
One deck is about right for 2-5 players. For over 5 players use two Dodgy Dogs decks shuffled together
Yolky Games is a London-based creative company inspired by contemporary design who create, make and sell card games.
• 10 cards with a small Dodgy Dog behaving badly
• 10 cards with a medium Dodgy Dog behaving badly
• 10 cards with a large Dodgy Dog behaving badly
• 10 cards with a massive Dodgy Dog behaving badly
• 15 special Dodgy Dogs cards (4 x Dog Whisperer, 3 x Wild Cards, 4 x Leaders of the Pack, 4 x Puppy Pick-Up)